Tables and Furniture

Your table. So unique. The centre of every home. It’s a place where people laugh, cry, enjoy, eat, spill food, talk and so much more.

If you listen carefully, it likes to tell its story. Its wood has survived wars, witnessed all World Cup titles, celebrated victories, dealt with defeat and seen more than it might have liked. In your home it continues to write its story with you.

Exciting, isn’t it? An absolutely unique piece. Just for you!

Thanks to our rigorous selection, only selected top woods make their way into our production facilities. Handmade with a lot of feeling for quality and workmanship. Solid and genuine! Absolutely transparent with regard to origin and source. Matured timber plays a central role in this.

What’s special is that you have a say in the size, shape, style and ppearance of our sample collection. Accompany your table to perfection. You are welcome to grind it, chamfer its edges, plane it and oil it. Get your hands involved and feel it! Together we will create a timeless masterpiece that is not subject to trends. We determine the direction! The frame also comes from our company. And it is unquestionably unique.