From the raw material to the finished product

1. Raw material

We search in the remotest corners of Southern Germany and the Alps. Our experienced specialists take a very close look at the raw material on site. Only high-quality and absolutely pollutant-free woods are salvaged by us. We pay careful attention to the origin and quality of our products.

2. Dismantling

Much is done manually to prevent unnecessary damage to the wood. Selective dismantling is what we call this, which is characteristic of the way we work during demolition. Of course, all safety-relevant standards are adhered to. The transport is done by our selected forwarding agents.

3. Selection

At our storage places the timber is again examined and sorted. If certain parts fall through our grid, they are processed into middle layers or backsides. Nothing escapes our trained eyes.

4. Washing and Removal of nails

Before further processing, it is imperative that our timber is cleaned. Hot steam, without any additives, cleans pore-deep. The next step, the removal of nails, requires a lot of skill and patience. Even the smallest  particles are detected with metal detectors and consequently removed.. The saw blades and cutter blocks thank us for it.

5. Drying / Steaming

The cut goods, so-called slats, are sorted according to appearance and condition. They are then dried to 8-10% in our chambers. Some varieties are steamed between 14-24 days. The result of an even colour is important for many of our products. A new drying process finishes off this step. Afterwards, the slats may rest for 48 hours, and are then calibrated and brushed.

6. Trimming and Sorting

This is done semi-automatically. Our machines do the sawing, the sorting is done manually. First, the colour combinations are laid out with a trained eye and then, depending on the type of board, they are transported to the press.

7. Pressing

Depending on the kind and type of wood, two things are incredibly important:
1. The amount of glue. We use only high quality D4 glue for all our products.
2. The temperature in the press. If necessary, it is readjusted for each board.

8. Formatting

The boards are cut to the desired dimensions according to the customer’s wishes. This is also done semi-automatically.

9. Finishing / Quality Control

The individual slats are subject to considerable wear and can lose their natural knots as a result of various mechanical work steps. These are collected by us and manually inserted at their original place. Notches and gaps are optimally patched by our specialist staff with great attention to detail. The surface is authentically sealed.

10. Brushing / Grinding

If necessary, our brushing machine may be used again. Depending on the board type, the board is more strongly structured or ground. After a final quality control the products are packed. Then a lot of incomparable unique pieces are on their way to you…

11. Certificate

At the end a certificate is issued. This documents the individual work steps in a traceable manner. We guarantee the highest quality with our name.

We compress our wood waste into briquettes and heat the plant almost independently of other energy supplies. Almost 100% of our raw material is returned to the cycle either as a finished product or as a heat transfer medium.